I have worked out with Kendra the past 2 winters while in Naples. She knows how to make you work hard but keeps me laughing the whole time. I always feel so much better after a workout with her. One of the sweetest people I have ever met, too!
— Susan. Grey Oaks Country Club Naples, FL

I fully recommend Kendra Solow for personal training.  Our company utilized her services for our entire office.  She provided group and one-on-one sessions for us.  If I had to choose a single adjective to describe her professional approach it would be:   receptive.  Kendra is very receptive to what you need.  She pushes you when needed and adjusts workouts as required to meet the conditions of your body/situation.  She is always punctual, communicates well, and I would continue to use her services if she was in Oregon.  I had good results from Kendra’s services and I am happy to recommend her for effective, skilled, and professional personal training purposes.
— Matt, P.E Fluent Engineering Salem, OR
I worked with Kendra this last Spring doing The Trilogy Wellness Program. Every step was customized to my needs. She got me on track to the point where I could move forward and build on what I had learned about what my body needed and needs. She has been my in home personal trainer for a year and half now and I have zero intentions of giving her up!
— Mechelle, Pediatric Nurse, Salem, OR
I have truly enjoyed working with Kendra. I find her to be instructive and educative. I cannot recommend her enough!
— Senna, Doctor -Silverton, OR
So excited I started my personalized yoga program created by the lovely Kendra Solow and am so happy to say I am back pain free today which is literally a miracle .
— Heather, Woodstock, Georgia
I have worked with Kendra the past two years. I started when I was 64 years old and couldn’t get up from the floor without help, nor could I have even thought of balancing on one foot! Kendra worked wonders for me. I’m now lifting 8lb weights, able to do side planks and push-ups! I can now get up off the floor and my balance is much improved. I owe it all to Kendra; her patience, her consistency, and her knowledge. In the past two years I haven’t had any type of injuries at all. Kendra is an awesome, young, talented woman.
— Catherine, Teacher -Silverton, OR
In 2007 at age 47, while living in San Francisco, I began experiencing severe muscle pain, tiredness, spasms, loss of motor coordination, and crippling sciatica. After 3 years I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia and sacroiliac joint deterioration. Being diagnosed and having lost so much muscle memory I was afraid that I would be in a wheel chair and would have limited ability to care for myself. I was at a loss as to how to regain my strength and muscle tone, and heal my crippled leg. I met Kendra Solow in December 2014, I immediately like her positive energy and we’ve been working together ever since. Kendra has gotten me back into a routine that is tailored to my special needs. The combination of gentle yoga and stretching, combined with light weight training, resistance bands reduces my overall pain tremendously, and allows me to move and walk again with much more coordination and mobility.

Thank you, Kendra, for your compassionate, knowledgeable, and wise approach in helping me heal!
— Stefanie, Writer & Musican -Scotts Mills, OR
Prior to working with Kendra I experienced muscles that would often be damaged easily from the day to day activities of caring for a home & family. A tightness in my back & neck would change into an inability to perform simple chores. My knees would often each and overall my body felt weak, inflexible and prone to injury. Kendra provides an environment of calm, always encouraging safety and listening to the body as a guide. Kendra is a trainer with an amazing ability of which I have never experienced before. She radiates positive energy, making you feel confident and comfortable.
— Kara, Wife & Mother of 6 - Silverton, OR
Today I saw one of my many medical Specialists that has been diligently working on getting my body back on line this year. She asked me “How on Earth have you avoided getting C. Diff -serious and potentially fatal inflammation of the colon- after five months of intense IV antibiotic therapy!” I told her, with full confidence, that my Trainer Kendra Solow helped me get my gut in line last year and taught me how to keep it healthy. She asked where you are now and I told her that you are out in Florida drying your cloths on a Palm Tree. She wanted me to send you her “respect and appreciation for a job well done.” She intends to share what you taught me about gut health with her patients!! Thank you Kendra!
— Michelle, Nurse, Salem, OR
Being limited on what kind of exercise I can do, working with Kendra has been very beneficial to me. As an “older” participant I appreciate her style of teaching. Her instructions are not only easy to follow, but she constantly offers modifications of each exercise so that none will be ‘too hard’ or ‘too easy’ to do. She is always willing to answer any questions. Kendra is a wonderful Trainer!
— Cindy, Food Server -Silverton, OR
Kendra Solow uses her extensive expertise and her exceptional teaching skills to provide a healthy and invigorating program of weights and strengthening workouts. Ms. Solow designs and organizes exercises that, taken together, engage the whole body, one developed are after another. Ms. Solow has used such a variety of exercises that the whole body gets toned and fit. Her exercises are safe—shes knows how to work the muscles hard without damaging them or risking overuse. I strongly recommend Ms. Solow as a personal trainer or a course instructor. She provides a high level of integrity, ingenuity, expertise and energy in her instruction and has helped me develop my highest level of overall fitness.
— Judy, Professor - Oregon State University, OR
Kendra Solow is an excellent trainer. She knowledgeably leads us through exercises that are exactly suited to each of our athletic abilities - not too easy and not too hard. Kendra inspires us to improve our fitness levels and continue to develop our fitness goals.
— Oratai, Waitress - Silverton, OR