The Trilogy Wellness PROGRAM


Close your eyes and imagine what your picture-perfect health would look & feel like...

Now, compare that feeling to the warmth of the sun hitting your face on a gloomy day; the peace and tranquility of standing on top of a mountain, or the sweet, bliss sounds of ocean waves hitting the shore.

Do you, or do you not, have the same similar feelings?

Life outside our windows and life within our bodies are so very similar; as the earth changes with the seasons, we each take on the very same transformation.

We can let go with Fall, rest in Winter, awaken in Spring and grow within Summer.

So what if there was a way we could sync the rhythm of our bodies, to the wilderness outside our doors?

The Trilogy Wellness Program is just of that.

TWP takes your well-being to new heights; you'll see your health issues or dis-ease from a beautiful new perspective. Holding a bird's eye view of your personal transformation and unlocking your toolbox for self-healing.

I worked with Kendra this last Spring doing The Trilogy Wellness Program. Every step was customized to my needs. She got me on track to the point where I could move forward and build on what I had learned about what my body needed and needs. She has been my in home personal trainer for a year and half now and I have zero intentions of giving her up!
— Mechelle, Pediatric Nurse

twp holds the space for you to let go of:

Quick fixes

Negative Lifestyle Habits

Diet fabs & health myths

Chronic diseases

Unrealistic diet restrictions

Body conditioning

Anxiety & stress

Superficial results

Karmic loops of dissatisfied health

Instead, you'll welcome in:

Balancing your mind, body & spirit

A healthy body-image relationship

Embracing your unique energy cycle

Long-term lifestyle satisfaction

 A positive relationship with your food

Re-connecting your health with nature

Discovering your own healing abilities

Lifelong growth with every change of the season


How does The Trilogy Wellness Program work?

Over 12 weeks you and I will be discussing and implementing the topics listed below through, 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Together, we'll navigate through all 4 seasons and discovering how each season represents a chance to learn, grow, rest & reflect, Listed below is each month broken down into the topics you & I will be covering over the next 3 months.

Cycle #1 (Fall/Winter): Detoxify.

We'll mimic the beauty of Fall and the stillness of Winter by detoxifying mentally, emotionally and physiologically through: 

  • Introducing gentle detoxing foods
  • Safe cleansing herbs & herbal remedies
  • Back burner soups & bone broths
  • Pantry detoxing and how to stock-up for your weekly meals
  • Natural ways to clean your home
  • Cleansing your space through aroma therapy
  • Moving your body outside of it's 'box'
  • Letting go, reflecting and releasing to make space for the replenished, new you.


Cycle #2 (Spring): Sowing seeds.

As we release blockages and let go with Fall & Winter, we'll move into the fertile soil of Spring, by sowing seeds of new intentions through:

  • Creating a healthy & sacred relationship with your food
  • Eliminating calorie counting and embracing intuitive eating
  • Establishing positive, long-term eating habits
  • Creating balanced meals, snacks & treats
  • Cooking with herbs, spices & oils
  • Balancing & simplifying your lifestyle
  • Identifying your Power Foods

Cycle #3 (Summer): Growth.

As Spring comes to an end and your seeds have been sown for the longer days ahead, we'll move into abundance and growth of Summer through:

  • Getting connected deeper with your food: Learning how to grow food within your home or garden.
  • Tuning in with your environment through eating local
  • How to nurture your goals to receive a bountiful harvest.
  • Cooking with the seasons
  • Making homemade herbal remedies, body products, and crafting your own fermented foods at home.
  • Working with your ups & downs: Embracing your Energy Cycle
  • Living in the Present: Yoga & Meditation
  • Recapping your Trilogy Wellness Cycle & CELEBRATING YOUR JOURNEY!
The way is patterned on nature.
— Lao Tzu

So what's EXACTLY included in my trilogy wellness program?

  • Twelve, 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions (once per week, for 3 months - held via. telephone) which will include personalized recommendations based on each of the topics listed above, and a variety of handouts, recipes, & worksheets etc.
  • Unlimited Access With Me over your 3 month journey for all your questions, guidance, open-hearted support & endless motivation!
  • BONUS, your very own Customized Holistic Fitness Program catered to your fitness level, and designed to help you reach your fitness goals!