Cannabis Movement Sessions.


Cannabis Movement Sessions.


Are you cannabis-friendly and like to workout?

Do you enjoy being lifted while doing yoga?

Looking to create a deeper connection with your body?

Cannabis Movement Sessions not only facilitate your physical body to receive the health benefits of a workout but your mind & body as well.

Get ready to be guided through the full-spectrum of a work-out as we pair movement with cannabis!

Starting with a 1-1 toke with yours truly, we'll clear the mental muck of the day with breathing, music, chatting and lots of laughter.

From there we'll move into 6 basic movements that biomechanically encourage your body to load and explode in all three planes of motion.

After we've calmed the mind and heated up the body we'll dive into your personal movement journey. Exploring your flexibility, strength, balance, and cardiovascular endurance allowing you to experience a higher level of healing.

We'll close your practice with stretching, soft tissue work, reflexology, and more to leave you feeling blissed-out.

Are you ready to experience a whole new way of "working out"?

Schedule your Cannabis Movement Session now to get started.


  • You must be 21 or older to participate.

  • PYOC (You supply your own cannabis) If you need help choosing the right strain for your movement session, just ask!

  • All sessions are held via skype.

  • All purchases are final.

  • Kendra Solow is not a licensed Medical Professional, Doctor or Psychologist and recommends talking with your Physician before working together.

  • Kendra Solow will not be held responsible or liable for your consumption of cannabis.

  • Please check your local and state regulations for legal cannabis consumption in your area.

  • Kendra Solow recommends a MMJ card for all clients looking to partake in Cannabis Movement Sessions.

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