Over the past 8 years, Kendra has experimented with many different techniques to approach the body for its optimal performance.

She discovered that not one way of thinking is better than the other, but that combining a handful of these strategies are necessary for our 3-D world of function. 

If we can understand the physical, biological and behavioral aspects of the human body, we're on the path to success in whichever goals we strive towards. 

Kendra has been my personal trainer for a year and a half now
and I have zero intentions of giving her up!
— Mechelle, Pediatric Nurse - Salem, OR

Here at Mind Body Physique, we utilize the PST process to allow each individual to thrive, not just survive. With identifying the Principles (what we know to be true), paves a clear road ahead into the Strategies (what we are going to do about it), which leads us to our Techniques (what it will look like), for an optimal path of success of any goal you are looking to accomplish. 

Whether you're in your later years of life seeking mobility and stability, a mom looking to lose that last 5 pounds, or a college athlete in need of strength and endurance, Mind Body Physique is here to transform your notion into motion!

I truly enjoy working with Kendra.
I find her to be instructive and educative. I cannot recommend her enough!
— Senna, Pediatric Physician - Silverton, OR

Fellow of Applied Functional Science.

2018 Gray Institute GIFT graduate

Our bodies are made move with freedom and feel at ease as we proceed through our day, it only makes sense to nurture and care for our earthy vessel and provide what it needs to get where we're going.

Movement Sessions are here to sync your body to the goals and dreams you inspire and propel you physically on your journey.

In this space, you'll be guided to utilize your body's inherent gifts that are anxiously waiting for you to open and own with gentle strength and ease.

My trainer and her gifts are astounding.
If it were not for Kendra Solow I would not be walking as well as I am today.
Just knowing her great spirit is in the world serving others, keeps me strong!
— Stefanie, Musician - Scotts Mills OR


  • Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS)

  • Functional Manual Reaction (FMR)

  • CPT

Specializing in:

  • Applied Functional Science (AFS)

  • Functional Manual Reaction (FMR)

  • Cannabis & Movement

  • 3-D Functional Golf & Tennis

  • Pre/Post Rehabilitation

  • Mobility, flexibility, stability