Tired of batting with your period every month?

Looking for a more natural approach to birth control?

Dealing with debilitating cramps & tornado like mood swings?

You’re not alone sister!


Menstrual Cycle Mentoring gives you the tools to EMPOWER and take back control of your monthly flow.

In these sessions you’ll learn how to:

Track and link your cycle to the Moon phases.

Take back control of your natural birth control!

Enjoy a pain-free period, period!

Understand the ebb & flow of your hormones and use them to your advantage.

Create a sacred self-care routine.

Reconnect & support your body.

Natural healing alternatives to yeast infections, UTI’s etc.

Survive your b*tch week &“PMS” like a pro.

Sister support and accountability.

Embody & empower your natural, sexy, sensual-self.

Ritualize your moontime to manifest with your monthly cycle.

Strengthen & condition your pelvic floor.

Natural healing remedies and alternative health solutions for a happy, healthy yoni!

and MORE!


If you’re tired of suppressing your monthly magic with over the counter medications, birth control pills and eating your inner b*tch away,

menstrual cycle mentoring is just for you girl.