When it comes to living a harmonious and balanced life, there is no one “right”  or "wrong" approach.  

A healthy, thriving lifestyle is one that meets the needs of the individual and factors in all aspects of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. 

Having a holistic health consultant by your side can help you create a plan for your most authentic & abundant lifestyle. 


Here at Mind Body Physique, we believe that every health ailment we encounter is a message to grow, expand and deepen our relationship with our body. 

You might be struggling with...

  • Chronic or acute ill-health

  • Weight fluctuation

  • Stress, nervousness, worry

  • Body-image issues

  • Low spirits, unhappiness or in a slump

  • Chronic Imbalances

  • Constructing and or maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • Balancing work, life & health needs

  • Mindful eating

  • Creating well-balanced meals for optimal nutritional absorption

Or working towards...

  • Discovering your unique route to maximum health

  • Syncing with your energy cycle

  • Releasing body-image conditioning

  • Learning to cook with herbs, spices & live foods

  • How to nourish your body from the inside out

  • Natural nourishment for the mind, body & soul

  • Learning what herbal remedies work best for you

  • Letting go of calorie counting to practice intuitive eating

  • Creating a healing support system

  • Constructing well-balanced meals, snacks & treats

  • Eating with the seasons

  • Simplifying your lifestyle while upgrading your lifestyle

With Holistic Health Consulting there are no judgments or pointed fingers, only pure intuitive reasoning created by you— for your mind, body & spirit. 

 Holistic Health Consulting guides you personally in following your inner compass for acknowledging what enhances your unique lifestyle.

Thank you, Kendra, for your compassionate, knowledgeable, and wise approach in helping me heal!
— Stefanie, Writer & Musican - OR
Kendra provides an environment of calm, always encouraging safety and listening to the body as a guide. She radiates positive energy, making you feel confident and comfortable.
— Kara, Wife & Mother of 6

How does it work?

Schedule convenient Telephone or Skype sessions.

Health consulting takes place over the phone or via Skype, so you can set up a time that works best for you.

Today I saw one of my many medical Specialists that has been diligently working on getting my body back online this year. She asked me “How on Earth have you avoided getting C. Diff -serious and potentially fatal inflammation of the colon- after five months of intense IV antibiotic therapy!” I told her, with full confidence, that my Trainer Kendra Solow helped me get my gut in line last year and taught me how to keep it healthy. She asked where you are now and I told her that you are out in Florida drying your clothes on a Palm Tree. She wanted me to send you her “respect and appreciation for a job well done.” She intends to share what you taught me about gut health with her patients!! Thank you Kendra!
— Michelle, Nurse, Salem, OR