Why settle for just any health or fitness program, when you can transform your entire lifestyle with a Customized Holistic Fitness Program designed for just you?

Any diet program or 30 day fix can get you results, but a holistic fitness program gives you the tools for life-long prosperity.

We all know it takes a handful of changes within our mind, body and spirit, to achieve true health.

So why not add a little bit of everything into your everyday fitness regimen?

We'll incorporate all of the following into your customized holistic fitness program, so that you can look & feel amazing, every single day— not just when you hit the gym. 

Yoga Routines

Cardio Workouts

Weight Training Workouts

Stretching & Flexibility Regimens

and morecustomized to your specific fitness goals & health needs.

So excited I started my personalized yoga program created by the lovely Kendra Solow and am so happy to say I am back pain free today which is literally a miracle.
— Heather, Woodstock, Georgia

How does it work?

You'll receive a 30 minute telephone consultation with me (scheduled at your convenience.)

In 30 minutes we'll be discussing:

  • Your fitness background and health history.
  • Establishing your Personal Fitness Goals and working with your strengths & weaknesses when it comes to getting fit & staying fit..
  • Creating realistic expectations for your program and working with your natural energy flow.
  • How many days a week you'll be training, the resources you have for training (ex. gym, home equipment, body weight etc.)
  • Deciding which type of fitness training protocol suites your needs, and your specific goals.



Within 48-72 hours after your consultation, you'll receive your customized holistic fitness regimen for a 4-week protocol (via e-mail & PDF)

Your 4-week Customized Holistic Fitness Program will include:

  • Your very own Yoga Sessions— yoga videos picked precisely for your goals & fitness level., that will be accessible at any time from your phone or computer.
  • Personalized Resistance Training Program for at home or at the gym that will include (Photos demonstrations of each exercise, step by step directions, training specific days, sets, reps, weight etc.)
  • Customized Cardio Workouts implemented into your off days of resistance training and paired with your yoga sessions. 
  • Stretching & Flexibility Routine that's catered to your range of motion and tight areas i.e (shoulders, hamstrings, hips, chest, low back etc.)
  • Unlimited email access with me, for all your questions, guidance and motivation during your 4 week program.

—>> +plus for FREE YOU'LL ALSO BE Receiving <<— ..

  • Your very own 10-day Gentle Detox Program to kick start your Holistic Lifestyle!
  • Two 14-day "Eat to Fuel Your Physique" Menus— including 65+ recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & sweet treats! 

Like what you're hearing?

Ready get fit the holistic way?