Yoga + Beer = Balance.

Some people love tacos,
other people love chocolate,
& let's be honest, most people enjoy beer.

So why can't we have a killer bod & our tacos at the same time?

You can, and it's called balance!

In my past, I was the queen of restrictions... I only ate a handful of food groups, because they were "healthy".

The others, I banned out of my life for GOOD. I said, "hey, I don't need you!" Psh...You know what happen from there? I became so depleted of nutrients in my body, that I created an eating dis-order with my "living healthy mentally."

Now that's a story for a another place & time, but the point I'm trying to make here friends, is life isn't perfect and we sure as hell aren't perfect....

So throw in the towel with perfection, embrace what you really love in life and create BALANCE with it!

If you love, Chocolate, make sure you're eating REAL Chocolate. Sorry to burst your bubble, but a Hershey bar is not real chocolate. Try replacing your imitation chocolate with Raw Cacao. You'll receive a mountain full of antioxidants in every bite + vital minerals that we all need on a daily basis!

Tacos, Pizza, Burgers, Oh My! Okay, I'll be completely honest here. If you're eating out every night and ordering tacos, pizza burgers etc. YES, more than likely you'll start to pack on the pounds. But here's the secret...If you choose to make your tacos, pizza and burgers at home, with only the highest quality will not become tucked away in your tight fitting jeans. Wait, but HOW?! Well friends, when you eat out, the food you're consuming is not fresh, filled with preservatives and more then likely, conventionally produced with fertilizers, pesticides, hormones and god knows what else really. So where do you think that all goes when you put it in your belly? Yep, It get stored inside YOU! So buy fresh, eat local, eat clean & take the time to cook at home! Believe me, put some work into your meals and you'll reap the benefits from every calorie burned. :)

B E E R. Who doesn't like to pop open a fresh brew at the end of the day & bask in it's greatness? Well unfortunately, most people aren't receiving the greatness that an authentic beer holds when they reach for that brew in the fridge. But did you know that unpasteurized beer contains live enzymes, yeasts – which are full of B Vitamins, and healthy bacteria (probiotics), that occur naturally from the fermentation process? WOAH. I know right? But let me take a step back... the "beer" or as I like to call it, beer like product that most of us consume daily like Budweiser, Corona, Coors, Pabst blue ribbon, Bud light etc., is actually very limited to any of these benefits above. Why? Because most mainstream beers use unsettling ingredients like, GMO high-fructose corn syrup, sulphites, anti-microbial preservatives, excessive artificial and carcinogenic food colorants, MSG, and even Propylene Glycol (an ingredient found in anti-freeze). So where do we turn? A: You can start to learn the art of Home Brewing or B: Look for local, unpasteurized & sustainable ingredient breweries in your area.

Yoga + Beer = Balance. Like the quote up above, sometimes we need yoga, sometimes we need a beer and sometimes you need both. Amen. To combine both, is a beautiful piece of art that each of us can experience whenever we desire. How? Grab a fresh, local brew and stretch it out! Enjoy the simplicity of moving your body with the paring of a delightful, nutritious beverage.

Oh and I made it even easier of you to give this one a try...

Check out this 28 minute Beer & Stretch Video I made personally just for you :)