With Self-love, Anything is Possible.

Last night I was having an intimate conversation with a new friend of mine. We spoke of everything from the purpose of money, to how to plant fruit trees. With, of course, plenty of giggles in the mix. But one of the main topics that really stuck with me was our views on love and what defines it. 

Because if you know me, love its self, is the sun in my universe and the blood within my bones. I have no problem admitting I wear rose-colored glasses more often than not.  

But this friend of mine had a different view on love that had never crossed my mind. 

He felt that love wasn't the end all be all and that there is something even higher in the universe than this so-called love we chase. 

I really had to step back and digest those words.

"Like what do you mean love isn't the center of the universe?" 

"Then what is....and what could possibly be better?"

As the night turned into the morning, I found myself questioning everything I've ever thought about love. I retreated to the only place I knew could help me feel this one out, the beach of course. 


As I sat with the sun beaming down upon me while curled up within the sand, the simple words of self-love popped into my mind. 

I thought to myself...

Self-love will take you on adventures you could never imagine were possible. 

Self-love will be there through the darkest nights to remind you that it will never leave your side. 

Self-love can take a negative opinion thrown at you, and turn it into a moment of empowerment. 

Most of all, self-love will never force you to do something, or hold you back from anything. It only unlocks the cage to set you free.  

With a fierce commitment to self-love, we are up against nothing but ourselves. With each low and every high, we experience in our life, is to each our own. We can take it to heart or set it free; we choose what we keep and what we don't. 

So maybe love its self isn't the highest point to attain in the universe...but right here, right now I feel, self-love is the transportation to take us on the road we're blessed to travel.  That hopefully if there is something even more wild and beautiful than love, that we'll reach it with following our path. 

Each one of us knows what makes us undeniably happy and the power of self-love reminds us that we are worthy of anything and everything we desire in life. It's the key we each caress to keep us coming home to ourselves. 

Because when we are deeply in love with every inch of our unique being, we are truly unstoppable. Nothing will ever be able to hold us back from what we're meant to become. 

You are who you choose to be; therefore love thee.
— Kendra Vogue Solow

With so much love,