Why you don't need the Gym


I want to tell you a story--

This tale is a reminiscence of my past; taking you back to my first baby steps into the fitness world.

When I was about 14 or so, I begged my dad for a gym membership, & being the spoiled kiddo I was, it worked.

So there I was 14. In the gym. Getting my SWOLL on.
Kidding, I just mimicked what everyone else was doing.

Curls, squats, overhead presses, & that shitty crunch machine that everyone puts like 100lbs on and looks like it can break you in two? you know just the basics of a newbie.

As I got older, I learned little "tips" here & there from my fellow gym rats.
I also learned the "proper gym attire" You know- the ripped off sleeves look, with the tight & short spandex? 

Well I still rock that today, no lie. But I wear it now because, well- it's me & I could care less what I wear when I workout out.

But to make a long story short,

As I grew into a young adult, I created some pretty bad habits from my earliest gym days.

Still doing those curls, trying to bench press my body weight, & dressing up to rock a "natural gym look"

I'm laughing my buns off, just thinking about it. ah good times.

But what I'm trying to get across my friends is- we all start at the gym not knowing what the hell we're doing.

We think by getting that gym membership it's going to magically help us lose weight, or reach our point of satisfaction.

We have it backwards though,

We don't walk around with 50lb dumbbells in our hands right? Or push open a 350lb door?

So why are we doing it at the gym?

Because everyone else is.

So let's drop the weights & the fancy machines, let's re- learn how to work with our body weight.

Hell, I'd recommend people to dance there ass off before they even step a foot inside a gym.
But that's just my philosophy.

Now don't get me wrong- the gym is a step, it's a great social aspect of getting healthy & If it works for you, then do that.

But now that I've stepped out of the gym scene for the past 3 or so years, when I stepped back in for the first time it was as if nothing had ever changed. Same stereo types. Still being watched like a hawk & judged by the kid in to corner doing the curls in the mirror as he grunts.<--my fav.

But I felt so out of place, & that's okay I don't need the gym anymore. I took what I needed and left it in the past.

Now I'm a rebel for just MOVING.

Hiking, swimming, early morning walks, dancing, running, laughing, stretching, cleaning, handstands, tree climbing, gardening, digging holes, chasing my pup around the house & wrestling with my best friend.

Do what your body is calling for.

Now, what feels good for me might not feel right for you, that's okay- Go discover what makes you want to move.

I also realized that we can go a bit over board at the gym... burn as many calories as we can, stay there for hours so we make up for the rest of our day; smoldering off those doughnuts I had for breakfast.... or those fries from dinner last night.

ugh I hate it. Let's throw that method in the trash & set a match to it.

Eat your doughnut & dance.

Grab your fries & take a hike.


So today I leave you with this message-

Move till you open up every closed off wall in your heart.
Move for the pleasure of moving.
Move to let love into every piece of your being.
Move to the beat of your own drum.