Where's Your Head At?

Our health is a state of mind.

Each moment here on earth, we're gifted with free will to choose what we mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually 'feed ourselves'. We hold the decision whether to absorb our circumstances or let it go. I've talked about this in the past with previous blog posts, but today I'm writing from a new perspective. 

Since the beginning of this new year, I've been blessed with opportunities to see these words put into motion. It's easy for me and I'm sure most of you as well, to think of a change we'd like to make, but not act on it. 

This thinking but no action mindset triggered my thoughts into a whirlwind of those 'put it on the backburner questions' that I was having trouble facing.

When I decided once again to lurk in the shadows of my own muck & guck, I found my childhood linked into a series of a chain reaction of events, that lead me to this very moment. 

What I learned most from this revelation I was blessed in witnessing was, I'm a Leader with a big heart. 

A leader?

Me, Kendra? 

If someone were to say this to me 5 or 10 years ago, I would have completely denied every inch of the word 'leader', or better yet personal strength & empowerment.

I just didn't have it.

Or want it! 


As a kid, I always wanted to be helpful and make my family happy. No matter how big or small the task, I could see it made someone happy. Like most of us, I liked and (still do) enjoy being around happy people of course. But in the big picture, this was a huge responsibility I put on myself as a child without even knowing it! All I could understand was that, in those acts of making others happy, I would be as well. 

But the real trouble of this was when I couldn't help. I would instantly put the blame on myself and in return have the worst self-confidence because of it. I mean who wouldn't have confidence issues if they only relied on making others happy for their own happiness?  

I reflected on this insight and it guided me into a ripple effect of almost every life-changing situation I can remember over the years. 

I've been telling myself recently DO what makes YOU happy. LIVE for YOU.

But was I really?

I realized I was mostly just thinking these affirmations, but not walking in them. Only within these past few weeks was I ready to face this blockage with every inch of me. To walk the walk & talk the talk as some would say. 

It was time to BE the change.

I had to reset my mindset. Let go of the comfort of my old ways of thinking and acting so that I could step fully into my role of strength & leadership, with full confidence in myself. 

It finally registered in my mind that nothing in my life is going to happen the way I want it to happen if I don't take action in it. And those actions need to be fueled with fierce confidence and no inner muck to set me back. 

So here are some little & big ways I've been welcoming this new mindset into action. 

  • Morning meditation (5 minutes (at the least) of breathing & strength affirmations)
  • Journaling every day. Writing about anything and everything. 
  • Limiting indulges & becoming aware why I feel I need 'more' of something rather than appreciating what I have. 
  • Disconnecting from social media
  • Being conscious of my thoughts. From a song stuck in my head, to what pops into my mind first thing in the morning. 
  • Moving my body every day. Whether it be lifting weights, yoga, cycling, sex or dancing. Choosing a movement for what feeds my energy of that day. 
  • Saying No to investing my time in too many people, outside situations, drama and just straight up bullshit that I don't want in my life. 
  • Understanding how I distract myself when I'm procrastinating or just being plain lazy af. 
  • Lots & lots of music of all kinds, all day.
  • No excuses or self-pity for myself or others. Acknowledging that each of us chooses the quality of life we live and that self-reflection is the key to our best life possible. 

What mindset is holding you back from new doors opening in your life? 

Share with us below or feel free to reach me here for 1-1 support. 

"May your thoughts be meaningful, purposeful & dream driven"


With fierce love & empowerment,