It's not about what you eat, it's about the energy where it came from.

Today I touch on a growing subject of thought that is truly forcing people to reflect on their food & lifestyle choices...

"Is meat bad for me?"

"Should I cut out gluten?"

"Isn't being a vegan healthy?"

"Dairy is unhealthy for you, right?"

Each and every time I'm asked one of these seemingly life changing questions, I stop and reverse the question.

Do you enjoy eating meat?

How do you feel when you eat gluten?

Have you considered the long-term effects of veganism?

Did you know there's a difference between raw and pasteurized dairy?

If not every time I turn these questions back around to the seeker I get a sudden expression of relief from each one of them.

"Well, I do love chicken.."

"I don't really eat bread that often anyways"

"I haven't honestly done much research of going vegan..I just see people doing it."

"I'd love to try raw dairy because I can't stand almond milk!"

It's as if each individual is so confused and tied up with all the current information being thrown at them, that they forget to ask the reflecting questions...

'I do eat chicken regularly... So, where is my chicken coming from? And what are they eating?'

'I've always eaten bread..but is there healthier choices then store bought bread out there for me to try?'

'I see a lot of people going vegan...but have I researched for my own knowledge, the pros & cons of this lifestyle?

'Well, I love dairy but... do I agree with the way cows are being industrialized for their milk? And why is milk even pasteurized in the first place? 

Raw Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, & other goodies from our local milk mama up the road.

Raw Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, & other goodies from our local milk mama up the road.

Sorry folks there's no easy way out of these questions... If someone tells you going vegan is good for your health or turning the table that being a vegan is horrible for your body— then you've taken the short cut to your well being.

There is no right or wrong answers to these questions, or good/bad.

The real questions we need to be asking is...

Am I eating real cheese, or cheese like products?

Is my beef eating GMO grain, or free ranging on miles of open land?

If I take on a vegan lifestyle, have I considered I'll still be killing something for my food? Plants are alive too! right?

Does the poultry I eat sit in a cage all day, inside a factory, eating only grain?

Is the salmon I feed my family twice a week farm raised? or is it caught wild in the ocean with a hook & line?

One of our hens being broody in her nesting box.

One of our hens being broody in her nesting box.

All in all, the big question we need to ask ourselves is...

Where the hell is my food coming from!

When a client comes to me in search of healing his or her health aliments, but tells me they eat "healthy" I have to totally redefine the word healthy in situations like these. Unfortunately, we've stepped all over the word "healthy" and mashed it into a box of anything that we want to perceive— as healthy.

We need to consider the reality that, just because we might consume vegetables, doesn't mean we're absorbing any nutritional value from them. Since most of the vegetables in our supermarkets are conventionally grown with artificial fertilizers, in depleted soil... which means for us— we're actually eating "dead food".

Only until we consider growing our own veggies, raising our own meat, or buying from our local farmers, can we fully receive the benefits and nutrition from our food.


Because when we learn that we must put back into the earth or (soil) what we take out, we grasp the reality of cycles and how important it is that we nurture, nourish and honor our soil— so that we can reap the full abundance from whatever grows or grazes on that land.

Which in the end all comes back to us and the health of our bodies.

Our Silver Fox rabbit Luna, about to give birth last spring.

Our Silver Fox rabbit Luna, about to give birth last spring.

So today I leave you with pondering on these realistic, life-changing questions...

  • If I enjoy dairy, do I have access to a local, grass fed, free range, raw dairy? or hell, a cow to milk myself?


  • If I choose to eat meat, do I have the resources to raise my own chickens, beef, swine, etc.? Or can I find a local ranch that raises meat to my personal standards?


  • If I decide to take on a vegan lifestyle; in a real-life situation, could I provide all the needed plant-based resources in my back yard? Do coconuts or almonds even grown in my climate for making my own milk & oil alternatives?


  • If I enjoy bread but don't have a clue what gluten even is, should I do some more reading on it before I cut out bread for good? Or maybe consider, making my own sourdough bread from scratch? 


  • I love fish, but do I have the resources to catch fish for myself or my family?


  • Can I grow a few vegetables or herbs in my backyard? How about in pots inside my home?


These are just a few of the deep questions we need to be asking ourselves before we push our food & lifestyle choices in a good or bad , right or wrong closed off box.

This is where your true health will be waiting my friends, don't be afraid to ask yourself these questions.


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