When strength is the only option left.

Brave spirit,  

Don't you know, haven't you heard..

How your strength burns as a thousand suns in one?

You must see it though, right?

Of course you do my love...

You must. 

On those days where you feel wrapped up within your own self-doubt, unable to see yourself clearly in the mirror... that moment arrives when you either lift your heart or lift your middle finger.

But no matter what pain you're hiding behind those sweet eyes of yours,

You do what you must do...

You raise your head & your middle finger even higher.

Because only you, have witnessed the constant rekindling of your inner fire and you'd be dammed if anyone or anything is going to take that from you.

I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.
— Unknown

So here you stand, against it all--raising hell within your flames to remind others they can also bare their own. 

Divorce your past and take your future my dear, because looking back will never move you forward.

I know it's hard to face your shadow when you can barely see the light.

But you have to trust that the same very light that cast your shadow, will also enlighten the brighter days ahead. 

Let it rain, hell, let it fucking pour during these moments you feel completely out of touch with reality, but please, don't forget the mountains that stand behind you. 

Keep coming home to your flames, fuel it with love and be thankful that even though you're moving through this pain, you're also built of undeniable strength that will never leave you. 

Times are tough, but so are you my love.


Burn brighter,

- Kendra