What's Your Sex Drive Telling You?

I'm no sex expert, therapist or guru, but I am a young woman trying to understand her body to further empower her life. 

So with that commitment to myself, I was bound to dissect, expose and explore what sexual pleasure means to me personally and share my thoughts along the way. 

As most of us are aware, sex plays a huge role in our lives. It defines a large amount of where we stand in our values and how we choose to interact with the world. After all, it's how we procreate. So, it's pretty magical shit if you ask me! 

By the way, keep the word "procreate" in mind, we'll be returning to that shortly...

For most of my life, even before puberty, I was always curious and amazed at the ritual of sex. Just the thought of being able to create a baby was truly mind-blowing for me as a kiddo. But it wasn't until my early teens where I had my first personal experience with sex and what had been awaiting me. 

At the young age of 14, I gave myself to my first love. We both did and with being sexually active at such a young age, it continued to shape some of my biggest learning experiences as I stepped into womanhood. 

From my early adolescents till I was 18, I had a handful of sexual encounters with the opposite sex. But with not truly understanding the power I held, I gave into lust most of the time. Which led me into the same karmic loop for many years to come. But during my last year of high school, is when I can remember my first real, mutual intimate experience that kept me yearning for that vulnerable & intensely-held sacred space, in my years to come and even to this very day. 

The type of connection that's felt from deep within our essence and travels from our souls to our hearts and cycled over & over again. 

Which brings me back to that word "procreate."

What I'm realizing is that, procreation is anything from making babies to creating a scarf. In the end, it's a procreation act with the higher source that lies within each of us.

So whether we want to create little humans or build the newest version of Fortnite. We're still acting on the source of procreation. 

Cool af right?!

Which brings me to our undeniable SEX DRIVE *VROOM VROOOM mmmhm

I'm starting to believe that our primal sex drive can be a huge indication of our motivation to be creators in general.

I mean we are here to create after all! So what are we birthing into the world, right? 

Paying attention to your own sex drive could be your BIGGEST ally, my friend. 

For an example, think about all that energy that's trying to be transformed & released through your body when you're feeling frisky... Instead of being in a trance from porn or insta-famous 'models' why not take that momentum and try to create something from it? 

-Grab a pen and write about something that's been on your mind.

-Go dancing and connect with that deeper sense of sexuality that you're becoming aware of. 

-Exercise. Expand that energy throughout your whole body with weights, running, yoga etc. 

-Get in the kitchen and fire up something new & delicious. Nurture yourself from the inside out! 

-Connect deeper with your partner if you're in a relationship. Express your needs, wants and desires. Tantra is worth looking into as a great way to dive deeper with your partner.

-Take a drive and play your favorite jams. You never know what ideas might pop up that are worth creating! 
-Talk to your body- if it needs to be pleased give it that. If it needs a massage, go get one. If it wants to cry and take a nap, allow it. 

All in all, by tapping into our sex drive it holds a powerful source of limitless creation that's just waiting to be opened, exposed and manifested. 

It's been my pleasure,