What is Holistic Personal Training & Wellness Coaching?

On this journey I've been experiencing for the past 5 years each step has been inching me closer to defining my gifts I want to share with the world. 

When I took my first leap into the fitness world, my main focus was on the physiological level - how the body looked & moved, what needed to be accessed to achieve a certain physical goal, how I showed up in comparison to other trainers out there & where I stood in the pack. 

2011 Marco Island Half Marathon, 2:18 minutes.

2011 Marco Island Half Marathon, 2:18 minutes.

2010 U.S.A Power lifting Competition, 1st place - Women's 125lb weight division. 

2010 U.S.A Power lifting Competition, 1st place - Women's 125lb weight division. 

As I was building this foundation, my mind had a rough time adjusting to the standards I was setting for myself. I felt I had to physically be my best 100%, no matter what. That even if I didn't want to workout that day or if I wasn't feeling well, too bad - I had to show up to my level of perfection.

I put up with these standards for a long time until, life had other plans for me. I moved halfway across the country and didn't have the access to a gym like I used too. I mean, I could've workout at where I worked, but it wasn't the same as my comfort gym back home.

So with time, the high standards for myself became more of a negative impact on my lifestyle than a inspiring goal to achieve, as I fell below 'my best'. This is where the next step lead me into uncovering and discovering - the mind.

Obviously, my mind was out of wack and I needed to be grounded into something that was maintainable, not unrealistic. So when I started to explore my mind is when I had really opened my view point on where I actually stood in the world. Was I just rolling with the punches to make a paycheck? or was I genuinely helping people to live better?

With the exploration of my mind, I started aligning honest thoughts & expectations with what felt right within me. Coming to realize we can't show up everyday and expect to be 100%, sometimes life wants you be focused on other internal/external issues to catch a message or lesson.

Jamestown, Colorado - Summer 2013 (Golden Age Hill)

Jamestown, Colorado - Summer 2013 (Golden Age Hill)

Approaching my situation from the big picture instead of putting all my energy into one small detail, felt whole to me.  Realizing that if we embrace our issues as a whole, we're reconnecting our own unique puzzle to understand the truth within each of us.

Holistic Personal Training and Wellness Coaching is where I am, right now.

"Identifying the big picture of each individual's unique situation and slowly, one step at a time, providing that individual the particular tools he or she needs to make a forever health-conscious lifestyle."

I don't want to be your personal trainer or health coach forever. Sure, I want you to be a part of my tribe, but more than ever, I want you to be the navigator of your own destination.

So where do you stand in your own extraordinary puzzle? and does it feel whole to you?

If you're seeking support in navigating your "whole-istic' lifestyle, I'd love to be a helping hand to guide you. That's why today, I'll be offering 1, FREE 1-on-1 Wellness Coaching Sessions, to three lucky individuals.  If you are interested in receiving a free 1-on-1 Wellness Coaching Session, submit in the box below of your personal story and I'll be sure to be in touch with you.

~To your Big Picture,


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