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Hey there,

If you've landed here unexpectedly or simply because you enjoy my word-age, I'm honored to have you.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to dive into my little word of contradictions, self-discovery, and plain-out vulnerability. 

My undoubted intention here with MBP is to honor my time and energy that goes into my work as a creator, in which I hope brings a stimulus to your own thoughts and way of living, for simply being your best human. 

I hope that each person here supporting my work leaves this site feeling either uplifted, understood or simply aroused from a good mind-fuck. 

So with all that being said, I want to hear what YOU want to actually hear more of from me. 

Because among all my emotional rants, complex thought processes, unique life philosophies and the ever so frequent "let's start a fire under your ass, to get shit moving" blog posts...

I want to really hone in on what YOUR mind, body, and spirit want to hear from my own mind, body, and spirit, ya dig?

Scroll down and take your time to check the boxes that resonate with you. Or just ramble through and mark the boxes that are eye-catching, either way, works.

If you don't see a box that you'd like to hear more of, write it in the suggestion's box at the very bottom.

Also, feel free to leave actual suggestions in that box. I want to hear the good the bad and everything in between you feel about MBP. 

Friends, once again, thank you for being here with me and supporting my evolving, creative expression!

Your feedback, opinions, comments, and personal perspectives are encouraged, not only for my own growth but, for others that drop by too!

-Kendra Vogue Solow

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