Weight Loss: The Whole Package.

Ever wonder why the weight just isn't coming off after months, or even years of battling relentlessly with diets, extreme exercise regimens, supplements, therapy etc.?

You might have felt like you were going nowhere and that your body is just meant to stay the way it is. Maybe you've tried it ALL and nothing seems to stick around long enough to keep the weight off, or actually 'work for you'.

I know exactly what you've been missing my friend and it's the most important piece of the puzzle because it is the puzzle.

It's the whole package.

You see, weight-loss is just like a puzzle, each piece we seek to add or remove from our 'big picture' holds a distinct discovery about what our bodies are needing at this current time in our life.

Your puzzle will be completely different from the person next to you, so never compare!

Your one-of-a-kind puzzle will also be different from day-to-day, or month-to-month, depending on what's going on in your life. It's always shifting, changing and incorporating new pieces while getting rid of the old. Like a snake shedding it's skin, every month, so will you.

For an example, someone battling with a weight issue all their life is most likely in need of a few new puzzle pieces and will need a little help putting them together. As compared to a college freshman, that gained a few pounds her first semester of school. This student most likely knows why she's gained weight and can usually put the pieces together without much help being needed.

So, what's the whole package then?

It's the WHOLE puzzle.

We forget that when we want to lose weight or just get our health in-line that there's a reason behind it. The weight or the dis-ease is just a symptom that something is off within, and when that something is 'off' it cascades like a domino effect.

When we override the body with unhealthy approaches to rapid weight-loss or instant health gratification we create imbalances. If we never take the steps to heal the core issue and instead just cover up the symptoms, we induce ourselves on a longer, more uncomfortable road of trying to figure out 'what's wrong, and how can I fix it'. 

So how can each one of us receive 'the whole package' and initiate healing that we're all so desperate for? Here are a few simple concepts that not only work for me, but for the people I work with.


What I mean by this is, nourishing your body from the inside out. Taking the time to discover your 'power foods' that fuel you for the long-run. Don't just settle for a fancy protein shake to get all of your daily nourishment; cook with the seasons to get a variety of nutrients instead of the same handful of vitamins in your every-day shakes. Experiment with new spices, they're loaded with beneficial fuel for your body. Or how about just baking something that you LOVE from scratch, with higher quality ingredients? It's only going to taste better, trust me! Don't forget that, losing weight and gaining back your vitality should be an adventure, a new opened door, not a daily chore.

Rest, Reflect and Slooooow down.

Each of us needs time to rest and reset, and much more than just the sleep we get at night! By slowing things down and taking your sweet time with your healing process, you'll learn so much about your body and what it's asking you. Some-days you'll want to release energy & build when other times you'll have the need to rest and recover. It's truly the yin & yang effect here; you'll need both for each to work in harmony. Think about it friends, there's no rush to be 10 pounds thinner because you definitely didn't gain 10lbs overnight! It's all a process, don't rush it.

Let Go, and Grow.

As we grow with age and wisdom, our minds take root into question-less ways of living, based on our environment and long-term habits. As most of us age, we get 'set in our ways' and sometimes our roots become very closed off to new ideas. Since new changes can be uncertain and unreliable at first, the fear of change can pin us down to stay in our comfort zone. This is a BIG obstacle I see for most individuals with health-related issues. They're clinging to something from the past, and unless the work is put in to let go of what the past had brought, it's very hard to start 'growing' again. But once you weed away those old perspectives and allow light into your foundation, you'll find yourself expanding, budding and flowering into the being you're meant to be.


Whether it be losing weight, a dis-ease, or overcoming a new obstacle in your life, give it time and allow yourself to learn from the process. If we close ourselves off from gaining wisdom through the growth, we'll surely land ourselves right back where we started. If you've struggled with any of the above, and really want to make things work for you this time around, let's work together.