Tuning into your monthly Rhythm

My Personal Journey with the Wild Woman


Every month, us women go through a natural, cynical loop. 
This lovely loop is called menstruation, also known as a period, menses, moontime and aunt flow. 
This cynical nature is either a blessing or a curse for some of us ladies.
When aunt flow comes knocking on the door, our thoughts range from, “oh thank-goodness I’m not pregnant”, to “ugh...this mess again...” or, “shit, I’m out of tampons”
Every 28 days, we decease from the womb and rebuild again to take on another cycle of growth.

We truly have the blessing of a natural detox every month. 
Today I want to share with you all, my experience with the Wild Woman.
This is my personal journey -

Every month I do a beautiful 360 with my emotions, my life’s work, relationships, andwave of everyday life.  
And yes it’s BEAUTIFUL.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We have become so used to this linear way of living. 
In the hustle and bustle of our lives we have created a way of living that only allows for improvements, strength, no weaknesses, and to wipe your tears and move on. 
I want to say F@$* that. 
We have forgotten that life is not to be taken in a straight line. 
Life is a wave, and you can either sink or swim. 
I choose to sink, 
I want to sink into my emotions, my life’s work, the passion that drives me to heal others and live my purpose.  
Because at the bottom of every shitty situation I’ve been in, I found another missing piece of my puzzle.

I can't just wipe away my tears and pretend everything is OKAY.

I want to journey in the shaded parts of my existence and be thankful for it all.
Because the darkest times in my life have evolved me into the Woman I am today. 
So you know what has connected me the mostto the deepest parts of myself? 
My Period. 
This monthly death and rebirth has created a new way of living for me. 
I call it the way of the Wild Woman.
She’s known as, PMS, Emotional, unstable, irrational and the always classic, 

Crazy Bitch.
Oh but she is not to be feared my friends, this Wild Woman is the most nurturing,
 compassionate and loving woman you will ever know. 
She asks for nothing more than, space, quite time, 
a little help with the everyday mundane tasks and a heart full of love. 
Ladies, when we give ourselves time to REST, during these few days of darkness, we allow this magic to work.
We close our wounds, see what has been holding us back, where we need to let go and who we really are. 
No make up, no poker face, we are raw, alive, and taking no shit. 

If your done with just “living” and ready to flippin’ thrive, give yourself a moment to let this Wild Woman free. 
She deserves time to be untamed, to run wild.
Only when she’s free, will she guide you into the healing parts of your true self. 
So how do untamed a woman that has been suppressed for so long? 
With silence you learn to listen to the messages your body is sending out, whether it’s pain, anger, self doubt, or fear; 
the truth lies within the depth of stillness. 
She speaks to you through your monthly cramps, your heavy flow, lack of energy, spouts of crying, and mood swings; this is her nudge to slow down and listen to what is being said. 
Make space for this blessing, You will find her there.
My ladies if you need help working with this energy, I want to help you.
I want to give you support on making this a lifestyle.  
Each one of us needs a venting exercise routine to match our unique energies, 
and every one of us need a thriving diet to heal and nourish our bodies. 
These are all linked in our monthly ebb and flow, connect with me today to find your balance. 


To all my wild women -