Truth is my Light.

Life (adj.): blindly ridden roller coaster that takes you high and low, simultaneously.  

If you've been keeping up with my blog for the past few years, you've witness a handful of my highest highs and lowest lows that I've chosen to share with the world. But, nothing quite compares to these past 4 months that I just went through my friends...

The highlight being this: I went from living in a secluded Yurt in Oregon, to living back in my hometown in Florida. On top of, letting go of a 6 year relationship, releasing a 10 year karmic friendship, and I decided it was time to get a "real job" as some would call it. 

In a nutshell, I made an epic transformation for my own self discovery & personal growth.

And to say the least, I've never been more happy in 25 years, than I feel right at this moment.

Over these 4 months I let go of not only physical situations that I out grew, but also mental and emotional barriers that were tearing me up inside. I knew that on the other side of heartbreak, I'd find the freedom I've been longing for.

And so there it stood, like a reservoir in a desert; no longer a mirage, it was real and ready for me to dive in.  

As with any pain, heartbreak or traumatic experience, we can chose to let it define us and our worth. Or, we can turn every last teardrop into power and decide to move mountains with it. 

When I truly surrendered my ability to control what was actually happening and released the preconceived idea that my life is "over". I realized this is where it just starts getting good, this is where I grow. My roots have been established and I'm ready to fucking bloom. 

Once this happened, things started to weirdly enough just click. I started meeting people that wholeheartedly support my views on living an authentic life and actually want to help me make it real. 

It's crazy to think that, I would of never met these people if I hadn't decided to let go of these other relationships in my life.

People so close to me, that I wanted only to see them be happy and make their dreams real, but they were not ready. And to be honest, I was. I was the one that needed the support to manifest my dreams and to be pushed to that level. 

So one day, I knew it was time. The message came through in my dreams.

I woke up one morning with the reminiscence of a powerful image from the night before....there I was, in my bed, surrounded by my most intense spirit animals. A cheetah at my bedside, a lioness stalking through my window, a mountain lion lying behind my pillow and most of all, a black panther staring me straight in the eyes. 

When I woke up, I knew what was being spoken and that I had no other choice but to follow my gut. Usually these guides show up one at a time in my dreams. Never all together with such a feeling of power and force. 

So with this power came an even bigger responsibility, a purpose and a message that I will continue to express until the end of my time. It might change from year to year or even day to day, but in the end it is this;

Truth is my light.

And with every truth I practice, it will bring me closer to my light or the light, as you could say it.

So, today I ask you this, what is your light?

What connects you to life and shows you the path you're meant to be walking? 

Seek and discover that source my friends, it will keep you warm on your darkest days and shine through your soul as if you, are the light at the end of the tunnel. 

The light in me, honors the light in you,

~Kendra V.