People can only meet you as deep as they've met themselves.

You know what's hard to find these days?

People diving intimately into themselves.

Because you know what's so damn tiring about this?

Becoming the lake that everyone dumps their pain and sorrow into.

Why do we think that other people should take on our issues for us?

To be the fire that burns away the trash we refuse to sort through.

No more, I beg you.

When we decide to show up in our personal truth, we no longer need to toss our problems out on others.

And you know what's so beautiful about each of us showing up in our mess?

We learn & we grow—which enables us to take our lessons and share it with someone that's struggling with a similar problem.

But if we keep pawning off our sadness, anger, anxiety, fear, depression on others, we'll stay still.

There will be no growth, only more chaos later down the road.

Trust me on this one.

I've played the victim card for most of my life. I've been upset at another for an issue that was triggered by something within me. But it wasn't them causing my surreal pain, it never was.

It's only been a piece of my puzzle, that's waiting to be loved, by me and only me. 

We'll never be perfect humans, I know this. But, we can show up with truth, honesty, good intentions and compassion with the actions in our life.

Imagine this...

If each of us decided to take on just one piece of our own healing, we would be able to relate more deeply with each other on so many levels.

For one thing, this would spiritually connect us to every individual we encounter. Our egos could finally take a break and we could inhale a fresh breath of life, from the stranger standing next to us.

We'd learn something new every moment of every day & just simply keep expanding.

We would no longer be taking on other peoples pain but instead, opening the doors for them to see the light & the strength that they were born with. 

It's not always easy finding the depth within ourselves. But believe me when I say this,

The deeper you go, the more love you'll find just waiting to share with the world.

~Kendra Vogue