Overcome Your Obstacles & Discover Your Healing, With This Simple Ritual.

I finally did it.

Not alone, but with a handful of beautiful souls that support my path— I made one of the biggest transitions in my life.

Off grid somewhere the Pacific Northwest, in a 20ft Yurt, I live with my partner and our fluffy child.

No running water....solar panels....composting toilet...the whole works. It's not glamorous but it sure is beautiful in it's own divine way.

There's a certain blessing that comes with being so close to nature. It speaks to you in ways that can't be spoken through words, but through a feeling of being at the right place, at the right time.

Letting go of the mundane way of living, and honoring living in truth with the land beneath me, feels like the truest love I've ever felt.

We made this move of a handful of reasons...but one of the biggest reasons in the back of my mind and deep within my heart, is for the healing it brings into our everyday lives.

Some find healing with pills, doctors, & vacations...but for myself and I know it's within you too, nature is the remedy for all my worries.

I find healing right here within my tiny home and vast land outside my windows.

I talk to the trees,
cry with the rain,
and absorb the energy of the sun into the darkness of my mind.

Nature breaks me down with her cycles, and then rebuilds me to take on the change of wind, that our world is going through.

Healing isn't made to be easy, and it doesn't come into our lives unless we invite it inside. But healing does show us that we have the strength to climb the mountain that seems beyond our reach.

If we take a step back and consult with the trees, cleanse with the rain, and rebuild our minds with the warmth of the sun, we will discover our healing.

Today I invite you to take 5 minutes and sit outside; find a tree or lay with your back to the earth and just talk out loud from your heart, as if someone is listening (& their always is.)

Express your deepest thoughts, desires, wants, needs, fears and what you're thankful for at this very moment, even if your life seems lost.

After you've poured your heart out to the earth— close your eyes, inhale deeply and as you exhale let go of any thoughts wondering your mind.

Then bask in the breeze or stillness, with your heart open to receive the healing that surrounds you.

I promise you, it will slowly transform your life.

~To Your Healing,