My Cannabis Healing Journey. (Bulimia-Depression-Anxiety)

This video covers my deep relationship with the sacred plant of Cannabis and how it's aided me on my path of personal healing. 

You'll hear my experience with cannabis as I battled bulimia, depression and a toxic mind while growing into a young adult. I share how it not only awakened my mind to my own self-destruction but motivated me to become a better person in general. 

At this very moment, we're all witnessing that this world needs a lot of healing. I personally believe that cannabis can be a huge tool to our own self-discovery for the betterment of humanity. 

Join me in this discussion down below, where I want to hear about YOU and YOUR healing experiences with cannabis!

**Disclaimer: Please note that my feature content about cannabis and other related substances that are illegal under federal law as well as under state law in certain states. All content is for educational and entertainment purposes only.**