My Body & Beauty Care Products. (Natty & Bullshit Free) 

You guys asked for it so here it is...🌹

My Body & Beauty Care Products. (Natty & Bullshit Free) 

As most of you know by now, the body products we use in our everyday routines are usually filled with toxic chemicals, oil by-products and god knows what else. 💀

So in this v-blog, I share with you my personal go-to's when it comes to my everyday beauty care routine & which products I currently have faith in with using for my body.

Some major points I'll be covering in this video are:

👉 Why I use organic tampons. 
👉 My oral health pet peeve.
👉 Hair care (my almost famous conditioner aka masque) 
👉 Natural makeup products.
& much, much more! 🍃

Comment & share what natural body products you currently use and why!

Stay beautiful, 🌻