Morning Rituals.

Whether we consider it a ritual or not, we each set a certain flow to our mornings.

Some of us like our mornings chaotic and rushed, while most of us might feel slow and tired.

In our hustle & bustle mentally we fluctuate back and forth between a mix of a little in between.

But where's the sweet spot to getting our day started?

Here's a little taste of how I like to balance my rise & shine.


- W R I T I N G : Grabbing my favorite journal and writing anything from my wild dreams, to sensual poetry, brings my mornings into balance. Whether you want to make a list of the day or just get somethings off your mind, writing is sure to start your day with a creative energy.

- W A T E R : We all too often forget about our ride n die; water. We might sip down our coffee and shove a muffin in our mouth mean while, drinking a glass of water doesn't happen till we're thirsty. I like to add a few tbsp of apple cider vinegar to my morning glass of water. Why? Kicking that inflammation out of our bodies first thing in the am and getting our digestive juices flowing can help your body prep for the busy day ahead.

- B R E A K F A S T : Oh breakfast. Such a love hate relationship with way too many of us. It's a no brainer that getting at least something in your belly first thing in the morning is beneficial. As we fast over night our bodies wake in the need for fuel. Don't skip out on breakfast even if you have a sensitive stomach in the morning. Find something that works for you. My go to is always a banana if I wake without an appetite!

- A R O M A : Who doesn't like the smell of coffee in the morning? I really enjoy the indulgence of my over pour coffee mixed in with raw cream and local honey. If you love your cup of coffee in the morning make sure you're eating a little something and drinking plenty of water to off set the effects of caffeine. Speaking of aromas, lighting up my smudge stick first thing in the morning help to clear and balance my energies is one of my favs.

- H E R B S : Right here I have two of our homemade tinctures that I like to mix up in my mornings. Chaga mushroom and milk thistle at the moment to settle my allergies with hay fever out here. Whether you take a handful of vitamins in the morning or sip on a cup of tea, switch it up and add more supporting herbs to your morning! Our bodies are more intelligent then we think at times and they're always adapting to whatever we are putting in our systems. Add variety and as always, go as natural as you can!

So, how do you rise & shine?

Share with us below!