Modern Menstruation: It's in our Blood.

Aunt flow.

"That time of the month"




Call it what you'd like or ignore it altogether, she arrives each month with her agenda set in stone.

This month she might storm in with cramps that last for days, or an array of emotional upheavals that pushes us off the rails.

Female or Male, this right of passage effects both parties!

But it's not all negative, in fact, all of these gifts aunt flow brings each month is a fucking blessing.


When we realize that our periods are part of something bigger than just creating little humans, that's where it all begins.

Before our modern society, our moontime was understood as a sacred time of the month. Women would gather together to absorb their "message of the month" and support others as they did the same.

Some would call it a red tent gathering of these few days of self-care, crafts, rituals, nourishment and a connection to something bigger than our day-to-day duties.

Unfortunately, as we step into modern day menstruation of the average woman, we see nothing short but mental break downs, face breakouts and even worse, no period at all with birth control.

The more we suppress this natural ebb & flow within, the more we become disconnected from our bodies and the true wisdom of our moontime. We were not taught in school or from our parents that our cycle serves more than just the purpose of bearing children.

Yet our flow is a snapshot each month of what the fuck is going on in our lives. This inventory is a chance to check in with ourselves and ask the questions...

Where am I giving away too much of myself?

How can I take better care of my body, mind, and spirit?

What needs to stay and needs to be released?

These are just a few questions that pop into my head when I feel the wave of my bitch week approaching.

The truth is, we're all going to experience these emotions at different variations, but how we respond rather than react, is where we can turn our PMS into potential.

As we set aside time to listen to our womb and what it needs, we're able to make clear decisions for our own wellbeing without the guilt or shame we carry to take care of others in our lives.

Because come on, we're women!

We love to nurture and take care of others naturally, but sometimes the lines can become blurred. Our own needs can go unheard for years as we care for our friends, family, and our careers.

Self-sacrifice is at the heart of every woman but her womb holds the need to be nurtured just as much as she cares for others.

So as women, it's our divine duty and personal responsibility to know how much we can give and take within all aspect of our lives.

I personally feel our moontime is the key to understanding this balance within each of us, it's in our blood.


So now over to you...

What's your relationship like with your moon?

How do you use your cycle in your everyday life?

Comment and share your thoughts below, myself and others would love to hear them!

"A Queen will always turn pain, into power."

xo Kendra

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