How to lose weight, stay young & save $$

Oh friends, what a life it is we live.

We have everything we could ever need, imagine or want, right at the tips of our fingers.

The luxury of a car to drive wherever and whenever we want. Access to food of any-kind 24 hours a day, hot showers, running water, music from all around the world. Drugs to pick us up, slow us down or knock us out. Along with electricity to keep our lights running all day or night.

You're probably on a computer or a smartphone at the moment which takes electricity (from either gas, coal, nuclear energy or hydro-power) then shipped from all over the world, right to you.

Or how about the pure silver lining to run those electrical connections in our phones, and not to forget the installed programs to do exactly as you say by a click of a button.

We have become beyond what the queens and kings yearned for. We are selves are kings and queens of this day and age.

We're so damn spoiled, and most don't even realize it.

You know what living like kings & queens can lead to though right?

An inflated ego, overweight physique, and an undernourished mind.

You see, growing up as a kid I was so fortunate to have it all.

The kick-ass vacations to theme parks, played any sport I wanted, wore designer brand clothes...

You know, a typical spoiled brat.

But as I got older, times changed and living was becoming more or more expensive.

But that didn't mean anything to me, because I didn't realize what the hell a dollar was even worth!

So, I'd steal, lie, and manipulate others to get what I wanted.

I didn't really realize what I had till I moved out on my own.

No washer & dryer?! No AC?!

Barely enough funds to eat or drive to work...ugh!

I learned quickly how to get by without the comfort of a cold bed at night and how to make my clothes last all week.

Heck, even had no electricity or running water when I lived off-grid. (but that was self induced for a small period of time)  

Either way, I was hit with a HUGE wake-up call. 

But you know what happened when I got this call?

I lost weight, I smiled more, and I sure as hell didn't waste any of my money on useless items I didn't actually need. 

So this is what I'm getting to my friends, we need to be comfortable with and understand our bare essentials in life. 

We must learn how to produce and not only consume. Re-evaluate the way we live from day-to-day, to realize the impact we have and the potent power we each hold. 

Our energy is EVERYTHING, what we do today will either help us for tomorrow or bring us back into a karmic loop for later.

Today I leave you with this,

Learn how to grow your food.

Learn how to cook it too.

Learn how to build things.

Learn how to make a fire.

Learn everything they didn't teach you in school.

I promise it will be the most beautiful adventure of your life,