Listen with your heart

As I lay in the grass and look up at the sky I ponder, what's worth writing? - what do people need to hear & what message do I have to share?

Listen with your heart, dances across my mind and wants to be heard.

But how? What does it feel like to listen with your heart?

You see - the mind is capable of listening in many different perspectives when tuning into a conversation. The thinker can combine the past, present & future all in one thought, it debates whether or not the statement is valid, while picking apart what fits for his or her reality. The mind doesn't want to only listen, it wants to react & reassure that it's also being heard.

But the heart,

The heart get's lost in the conversation - it feels the other side of the story, listening to not only the words but how they are spoken. The heart wants to lean over and hug the shit right out of your chest and say " I understand you & I love you for being you "

Yet, everyday our heart and mind misunderstand each other, one wants to define and understand every bit of everything, when the other is only wanting to be free of all limitations & expectations. 

The perfect Yin & Yang, White & Black, Night & Day, Good or Bad.

They both desperately need each other to see clearly of the big picture around them. I personally feel the world has been out of balance for sometime now and most of us only want to listen with our ears but not with our hearts. And it's okay - our hearts are vulnerable, they've been bundled up, locked away and sheltered from the trauma of our past experiences.

The mind has a way of convincing each one of us, that our hearts are meant to be guarded and only opened for a special few. Because the world is a bitter place with shitty people and back-breaking situations, and that our gentle, vulnerable hearts can be smashed in a heart beat.

But - what if we started listening with our hearts first, before our minds chimed in? Would we easily bloom into something new? Would our lives sync with our purpose, and lead us into what's meant to be? 

I mean, why else would we have this ticker within our chest? And why would we guard it with our life if it didn't mean so much?

It's here to be listened to.

It's here to be expressed.

It's here to give love and be nothing but loved.

So I leave you with this friends, next time you find yourself in a conversation with another being or even the thoughts within your mind, quiet the restlessness in your ego & all your self doubt, and just be you -

That's your heart.

~  Kendra