Keep Rising & Never Look Back.

Imagine standing at the bottom of a staircase...

These stairs are in your home and you've been making your way up them since you were brought into this world.  Imagine them made of glass, wood, marble etc. Shaped however you please, and designed with anything that expresses your being. 

A masterpiece, YOUR masterpiece. 

As you're ascending up your staircase, you realize It seems endless from where you stand. You're hesitant, but know, anything can be waiting at the top; the possibilities are infinite. 

So you climb and climb. yearning for the peak. 

Only until you come across a step that just seems way too far from your reach, so you stop and gaze down...

Your mind starts to give you a million reason why to turn back... or for heavens sake, to just stay where you are.

"We're fine right here"

"I'm comfortable"

"It's safe"

"We've done our best"

But then it hits you... You know you'll always regret if you didn't keep rising.

Right now, this is my struggle and yet, my savior. 

I'm realizing, comfort is no longer an option or even a word in my vocabulary. 

So as I stand on my last step, looking down at all I've went through thus far, I know looking back will never make the road ahead easier.

So, this is where I invite you my friends, to imagine the step you're on right this moment and take a fucking double step. 

Challenge whatever you're going through. 

Let it give you so much momentum and strength that you start sprinting, because you just realized how damn powerful you are. 




We mustn't get caught up in our own self-pity and shadows that keep our hearts still.

I know it's easy to take a seat on your way up when the journey becomes too much. 

But let me be the one to remind you that, you were born to master your staircase. It was built from everything that you are and everything you're becoming. 

Each step is revealing a layer of you, to yourself and to the world. The more we let go, the easier it is to tackle the next level. 

Bring what you need, and release the rest my friend. 

Your best, is only getting better. 


I rise, you rise, we rise,