How to: Invest in your Health.

We invest in our homes, stocks, our retirement, getaway vacations and our education, but how many of us invest in our health?

Some people might say they invest in their health with 'health insurance', but unfortunately insurance isn't an investment.  Insurance is a way to cover a mal-investment.

Also where does one receive health in this "health insurances"? Some are lucky to get back to normal, with the help of those colored pills with numbers on them.  And the even bigger question is.. Why are we surrendering to a mindset that when we are sick, only a doctor can help us?

Have we lost so much confidence within ourselves that we have to run to our physician with every illness we come in contact with?

This is where I speak out, all of us can easily take steps to prevent illness within our every day lives and create real, preventive, health insurance with,

Investing in your Health.

So how do we invest in our own health?

Here's a handful of tips I share with my clients everyday to keep their minds, bodies and spirits strong and preventing dis-ease, illness, colds, coughs etc.

Growing your Food.

I can't stress this tip enough!  When we take part in knowing where our food comes from we gain so much more than just a tasty meal. We not only know what's in our food but learn one of the keys to life; how to grow food. Again, it can become so easy to rely on a grocery store for its convenience but true wealth, time and money comes with growing even just a few plants outside or (inside) our doors. Don't be intimated, it's not rocket science, we all have to start out in kinder(garden); with every plant you'll learn something new which will slowly build momentum in your investment!

Get your Knowledge on.

We get funneled into college at a very young age, in the idea of pursuing the right education that will bring fulfillment, a steady income, job security blah blah blah... What happen to just picking up a book on a subject that excites your interest; or reaching out to someone who has mastered the skill you're seeking. The conventional way of school is not the only way to become educated; if you have a passion that you just can't ignore, follow it and educate yourself. In my eyes a degree is only a piece of paper, when it comes down to it, experience is the real wealth!

Healthy Hobbies.

We all have hobbies that make life a little sweeter, but how many of your hobbies help your health? Whether it be for the mind, body or spirit engaging in healthy hobbies such as, hiking, biking, dancing, cooking, reading, writing, gardening, painting, swimming, yoga, meditation etc. can benefit your well being on all levels. Instead of reaching for the remote or your cell phone, find a healthy hobby to fill your time.

Move outside your Box.

During our everyday hustle & bustle we slowly get confined into our own unique 'boxes', that without much thought become our norm. Comforting as it is to each of us, we forget that we grow outside of our box very quickly.  Think of it as a potted plant being planted into mother earth. How stale and boring would life become if our personal space is never interrupted or pushed beyond it's limits? On a daily basis with my clients, I'm always encouraging body movements, self creativity, and new perspectives outside of our bubbles. Why? Because that's how we grow and evolve into our best selves.

Sacred Self care.

Yes, it's sacred! Why? It would be like driving your car everyday to it's fullest capacity,  yet never doing any maintenance! Your car is bound to break down and stall. This is what happens when we ignore the check engine lights within our bodies, they are exhausted and need some lovin'! The more we can implement sacred self care into our every day living the more we find our engines to be working smoothly. Whether it be a nice hot bath after a long day, or a good book and some peace n quiet, listen to your body; your body knows what it needs to be replenished. Don't let yourself get to the point of self medicating with drugs or drinking to take the stress off your body and mind, instead dive into an hour (or more) of sacred self care.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter how much money you've made or the car you drive, it's about how you feel from the inside out. With investing more of your time into your own well-being you'll find you need less and have gained so much more.