The Healing Power of Transitions

Hey, friends, did you miss me?

Well, I missed you!

These past few weeks have really taken me through some new transitions.

I've been reamping my website, connecting with new souls on collaborating exciting business endeavors, my doe had her first kindle, and making the time to put all our veggies in the ground for summer.

Not to mention, cooking, cleaning, working daily with lovely individuals on creating an ideal lifestyle & somewhere in there making time for my own self-care.

All in all, it's so full-filling to me and I love the journey I'm creating.

But in the past few weeks, I've really felt a deep transition taking place in everything around me.

It has more depth than the change appearing in the media, environment and in social justice.

This transition is in the middle of a metamorphosis into something profound.

But don't give into fear for even a moment my friends, those butterflies in your stomach are telling you something...

It's a sign of the healing taking place.

But when we jump into fear so quickly, we lose sight of the reality that is actually taking place.

Surrendering to fear causes transitions to become a nightmare, we're caught blindsided by life

Our daily norm is now flipped, turned and bent in all different directions.

But hold that thought, what's wrong with being blindsided by life?

What's so bad about changing up the norm and routine of life?


This is healing.

When life throws you a curve-ball on the way to a new path, catch that shit.

Catch it and own your power.

You see, we can surely sit back and play the victim of our life.

Blame our way of being raised, our genetics, or that, "I always get the short end of the stick..." Then easily falling back into old habits, that no longer have anything left to give.

But have you ever thought maybe the way you were raised, your genetics
and "getting the short end of the stick" was a way for you to learn something?

Or to make a change in the old patterns you hold?

A transition is part of a cycle, and if you haven't learned from a past doing, it will surely come around again to say hello.

You're being called to make a positive change in your life!

Endings hold our power, they're the death of something old and the birth of something new.

Because with every ending, comes a test if we've learned from our past.

This is healing in it's most raw and vulnerable form, don't let fear of the unknown hold you back from letting your healing take place.

Embrace change with open arms and an open heart, you never know what's waiting on the other side to greet you.


Now over to you my friends, what helps you in your most vulnerable transition phase?

How are you allowing healing to take place in your life?

Share your thoughts with us down below!


To owning your power,

- Kendra