Go After Life & Love Will Follow.

We've been so ingrained with the idea that true love with another will be the guiding light to the most fulfilled life that we crave. 

Which is so beautifully true to some extent. But also a huge load of horse-sh*t that I'm tired of smelling. 

Love can be found in so many places rather than in just a human. We can feel it in the grass beneath our feet, the coffee we consume each morning or the satisfaction of getting that last rep in. 

There are countless places to find love and to create it within our lives. 

What's really real for me right now, is embracing the little moments that I tend to overlook when I have rose colored glasses on. 

Because sometimes we can get so consumed by loving that one special human, that we forget to see the love that's around us all the time. 

That being, life it's self. 

It's not about finding the perfect soulmate that makes you feel alive, it's about welcoming the slow, sweet process that provokes the life within you. 


So maybe right now you're feeling upset about a breakup or missing someone that it just didn't work out between the two of you.

I see you and I feel you so very much. 

But I'm here to tell you that you must go on and keep moving forward. 

Maybe you can relate to this example...

That 'person' was like your favorite toy when you were a kiddo. It brought you so much happiness, play and great times but like all good things, it came to an end eventually.

You might have grown out of it, broke it or it just disappeared altogether. 

Shitty enough, that's gonna be like most things in life and we have to swallow that hard truth if we want the best life possible for ourselves. 

The only ever-evolving and constant love that can never leave us is within the life we build & the moments we choose to see in it. 

That's why I encourage you to go after the life of your dreams and then the love you seek has no other options but to arrive. 

Trust what it is that makes you happy and let it engulf you. 

Sure this might sound easier said than done, but that's why igniting a love affair with the small details, paints a picture of the big love you've been yearning to create all along. 

So today I leave you with this small yet powerful love note... 

"It's not about getting there, it's about the person you become on your way there." 

-ox, Life