Find your Simplicity

Ever think to yourself, I wanna go over the top on my health? I wanna get really creative with all my meals, motivate my mind for a new challenge, and just step up my game? 

I certainly go through this cycle at least every month...

Trying to take complete control of my meals and add as much color, nutrients, and diversity as I can... making sure everything is PERFECT. 

Yet perfection is a opinion from the self, of the self. Sooner or later I burn out from this complex perfection idea; I find myself broke, tired and upset I couldn't keep up with my new standards. 

As a child I always felt the urge to strive to be better and do better, that I needed to overdue my last attempt and that things weren't meant to be simple. 

It wasn't until I started listening to my own internal source, that I realized everything around us is actually simple. 

Look outside your window, nature is simply perfect. It’s flowing, growing and steadily preparing for summer again. 

If we to re- introduce this simple, natural cycle back into our daily lives, we become grounded. With tuning into the flow of simplicity, we start to listen, we listen when we need to slow down, eat better, let go of the old, or allow the new to heal us.

It's only within our mind and our preconceived ideas, that we feel the need to create complexities in our lives.

With drama we create distractions, these distractions prolong our own internal growth. But when we remove the drama and unneeded commotion in our reality, life starts to breathe again, and we become more self aware of our patterns. 

With acknowledging our habits and patterns only then can we fully be open to long term change. So how about taking everyday as a gentle step forward, and adding a little color along the way? 

Simplicity feels good to my soul, and I’m sure your soul feels the same. 

That’s why I invite you this new year to slow down, re-create your complex, fast pace life to be simple again. 

Practice more independent quite time, give your mind a chance to breathe, to exhale all your high standards. 

Welcome more nature time, more home cooked meals, and more laughs.

2015 is here, it’s time to realize what’s most important to you,

Is it your family?

Your health?

Your shelter?

Your food?

Wink, Wink

“The way is patterned on nature” -Lao Tzu

Go embrace the simplicity in your life,