Find Balance

You know how it feels to be balanced, right?
Sure you do. 
It’s that moment of satisfaction that everything in your life is working with ease, 
blissfully fitting together like the pieces of a complex puzzle.
Your thoughts are optimistic, you feel at home, not a worry in-sight.
But surely this bliss doesn’t last forever, 
soon enough things get into a back into a funk. 
Too much coffee, not enough sleep.
Unresolved conflict with a loved one.
Your chicken gets caught in your rabbit personal dilemma this morning. 

The list will go on, if you allow it. 

It’s so easy to get bogged down with these thoughts or worries. 
So let me tell ya a thing or two about my infinite balance method,
It’s the type of balance where it’s not just only giving, but receiving.
The flow of abundance from your rethinking and re-prioritizing.
This infinite balance can be achieved by any and all, 
it just takes some time and listening to your needs. 

This is how it goes, 
Allow more self-time.

Do something positive everyday that you simply enjoy doing.
Go for a walk outside, and listen to your favorite jams, have a glass of wine and
enjoy some chocolate, spend time with your fluffy kids, or pick up a new read. 
Making more time for yourself and your needs, will bring balance within your life!
Nourish your Temple.
Your body can be either a temple of bliss and comfort, or a unstable, always ill, bag of bones. 

This temple is your best friend, every night it works diligently to rebuild you. 
To keep your sanctuary strong and vital you must nourish it, daily! 
Every one of us knows what is GOOD for our bodies and what is not. 
Use your common sense that comes with your temple of greatness!
Remember what matters most.
Is it your health? your family? love? 
I’m sure it’s not that new cell phone you have or the fancy car you drive. 
Focus your energy and time on what is close to your heart.
Last but not least, 
Know that nothing is forever.

The highs, the lows, they all come in cycles. 
So be thankful for all that is in your life, don’t be afraid to acknowledge your weaknesses,
they could become your biggest strength. 

Try using these tools a bit everyday, you’ll encourage balance to flourish within your life.

With every new day as a new beginning and every set back as a chance to evolve.

xo Kendra