Evolving Your Post Work-Out Nutrition

Why I ditched my protein shakes.


Think to yourself for a moment and recall how much $$$ in the past year
have you spent on nutritional supplements...?

I'm talking Pre-Workout, Post-Workout, Muscle Enhancers, Weight-loss pills,
"Vitamins", Fish-Oils, etc.

If it doesn't come in your food...consider it a supplement.

But the real question is,
how did you get stuck in this endless loop of buying a product every month?

Maybe a friend recommended a brand that works for him or her,
an article you read off of bodybuilding.com,
you saw some ripped chick online that promotes "her brand",
or probably the worst case scenario someone at GNC,
swindled you into a "HOT SELLER".

From experience of being on that side of health & fitness,
and walking the superficial path of "being healthy"

I've been there, I've fallen for all 4 of the scenario above.

My partner even worked at GNC for a while.... (FREE SHIT!)

Let me tell you, yeah it "works" for the few months it might last,
and hell, maybe even years if your persistent (and don't go broke).

But when I really sat down and reflected on how I was nurturing my body & mind,
I came to the conclusion I was stuck in a loop.

I was hooked on these supplements.

Sure, in my mind I felt it was a healthy addiction.

Always reassuring myself with, "well who doesn't use supplements?"

"It's normal"

But when I zoomed out to a bigger perspective and did my own research
on the products I was consuming DAILY.

I got a bit nervous.

Synthetic vitamins and minerals?
Why is their aluminum in this detox product?
and what the hell is WHEY anyways!?

I finally said f*ck it.

My body deserves better than this.

Now don't get me wrong,
I know their are definitely some "better"
supplement companies out there,
with products that are decently manufactured.

But what I'm getting to is the key words...
"companies", "products" and hello

Why are we making it so complicated to nurture and heal our bodies?
Why do we think we NEED these products to be our best?

Well whatever the reason is, let me inform you,

You're already kick-ass my friend.

I'm gonna let you in on my secrets to being healthy, strong,
and in supreme shape WITHOUT supplements.

Yeah I said it, I'm proud of my physique,
and all of my perfect-imperfections.

Anyways here it is,





and of course..



You have to put in the work to get results,
none of this quick fix crap. 

It's an illusion,
if you want to be healthy,
you can't rely on a pill to do the work for you.

It's all you, and it's always been you.

Start COOKING after your gym session,
make a badass meal with your friends and
learn to nurture your body whole-listicly.

Buy a BOOK and READ, if you're interested in a subject, go for gold,
you don't need school for that.

Grab a shovel and your headphones then go DIG yourself a GARDEN bed.
You'll be sore tomorrow :)

Just cause you "went to the gym" doesn't mean SH.
If you come home & plop your bum on the couch for the rest of the day,
you can kiss that work-out goodbye.

So if you think you still need that extra boost in the gym,
or those instant post-workout shakes so you don't "lose muscle".
I ask you to sit down and reevaluate why your "getting healthy" in the first place.

Is it for other people?

Is it to look a certain way?

Or is it for your own damn self?

Listen to your heart and be smart my friends.

Till next week,

xo Kendra

Shout out to one of my closest friends Dalton for inspiring me in this post,
thank you for all your support!