Energy is the currency of the Universe. What are you paying for?


It's our life force, our drive and motivation.

This flow is one of the most critical sources that we have to offer the world.

So, today I ask you, where is your energy going?

To other people?




Or is it towards your very own personal truth?

I feel like for most of us, our energy is going to all of the above—little bit here and there.

As humans we're constantly trying to gain control over this energy. Move it in a direction that works for us and our everyday routine.

But sometimes our everyday flow, isn't what we need. It isn't what is going to move us deeper into ourselves & our personal power.

We think that if we drive this energy towards the things in our life that aren't working, we'll somehow fix the situation.

Yes, putting effort into healing your problems is a smart move, no doubt. But let me throw this perspective out there for you...

What if we just paused for a moment and sat with this energy. Felt it. Owned it. Embraced it with intent of letting it come & go as it pleases?

When we pause to soak up this potent magic, it starts to resonate with where it really needs to be going and who it needs to be given to, or withheld from.

We can hear it loud and clear now.

Finally dropping into the clues our energy has been sending us all along...

"Let go of this situation"

"Be patient, it's right around the corner"

"They care about you, it's okay to let your guard down"

"Speak up"


"Embrace everything that you are and aren't, you're beautiful no matter what"

Day & night our personal energy source is speaking to us; giving us that missing piece of the puzzle we've been searching for.

So why do we reject these messages and so quickly give into the negative energy that drains us instead?

Because our energy is fucking powerful.

It's scary to see it actually "work for us" when we decide to let it free.

It's easy to sit back and let life keep knocking us down, But to actually rise up and move through our eclipse knowing this energy is with you no matter how rough life is, now that's standing in your power.

So today I leave you with this, don't sit back and let this energy rest within you. Be so self-aware of your potency, that not even you, can hold yourself back from it's magic