Don't Block Your Blessings.

What if all we had to do to be blessed, was change our mindset?

Instead of putting our heads down and enduring the discomfort, we looked up and surrendered to all we have right in front of us?

It's almost frightening to imagine that being blessed could be that effortless.

With just simply taking a straightforward and logical step into the magic of changing our perceptions, we could ripple infinite possibilities.  

It's so easy to block the sunshine coming through our windows. Usually, we don't even realize we aren't getting enough vitamin D.


We might close the curtains and not welcome its presence into our reality because of our past experiences - while being open to this may bring tremendous pain in return.

But what if this pain could be just the right amount of awareness and experience that we needed to drive our momentum forward, in order to witness our own inner strength?

With this gift of suffering, we become aware that we are so worthy of abundance dancing throughout our lives because we took a risk.


A risk to be loved.

To be happy.

To try something new.

Or to simply be YOU.


It's only when we get in our own way and halt the chain reaction that's been created from this opportunity, that we are unable to see our risk and reward come full circle.

We block our blessings of receiving all the love, joy, happiness, and peace that we tried to gift to others because we witnessed it never being received on the other end.

Fear of the unknown and doubt of what you're worthy of is a powerful thing because sometimes, it's all we've ever known.

But that's not who we are or what defines the essence of us.

Our divine being is meant to be loved, received and nurtured; however, we must first remove the cage that's been keeping us locked away from receiving it.

The more comfortable and confident we become in our personal power, the easier it becomes to surrender to what is waiting to be returned to us.

Use your head to think with your heart.
— Unknown

You have all that it takes to overcome any fear, doubt, or obstacle set in your way.

Welcome it with an open heart and offer it unconditional love.

You, yourself, and your blessings will all be set free.


-You are blessed,