Both Soft, and Fierce Can Co-exist and Still Be Powerful.

Both soft, and fierce
can coexist
and still be powerful.

Over the past few weeks, my mind keeps coming back to these words, trying to define the true intentions behind each of these complete opposites, and how they can dance in perfect harmony with each other.

Yin and yang.

Holy and wild.

Soft and fierce.

We need to experience one side, to authentically understand the other.

So let's look at the word Fierce. To me, it speaks of,










These words are POWER, & FUL(L) of whatever we desire to see manifest within our lives.

So the question is... where are you drawing this fuel from & where is it being directed?

Hold that thought. Don't answer it. Because here rests the truth...

This raw, fierce as fuck power, lies within our surrender.

Can't seem to witness this surrender or wrap your mind around it? Try this...

For one moment, I ask you to feel a sense of detachment from every inch of life you're trying to control right now. Anything that gives you even the slightest sense of tension or nail-biting fear, just surrender.

Simply Ebb.

You should feel a sense of nothingyet, everything.

Now I ask you, why are we holding onto this sense of stress? This urge to control?


Because we have to experience both sides of the coin to realize they CAN and always will, coexist.

We need both to have understanding, and to be in harmony with the rest of the divine forces around us.

And to simply live, & caress every inch of beauty meant to be felt.

So today I ask this of you,

With every day of hard work, take time to love a little slower.

And, with each act of kindness & compassion towards another, stand a little taller, and light your fucking dreams on fire.

-To you and your endless inferno,

Kendra Vogue