Are your health goals realistic?

5 steps to creating realistic goals

Goals, dreams, intentions we all have them and we all strive to achieve them.

Goals keep using moving forward, help us gain a higher perspective and inspire us to become better than we were yesterday.

But what happens when we miss our targets, and our dreams fall below the wayside once again?

Are you quick to give up when it gets bumpy? or does it fire up your motivation to keep aiming.

Well in my line of passion, goals and objectives are first on the list to discuss when it comes to working with an new client.

"What are your goals?"

It seems pretty simple when the question is first asked, but as always if these goals are not truly heart-felt to an individual, those "goals" soon become unattainable.

Unfavorable habits and weakness fall victim again, and you find yourself at the bottom once more.
It doesn't have to be this way my friend, let me tell you why.

People fall so easily short of their goals because they aren't truly relevant.. I know an irrelevant goal when I hear it...

"I want to lose 50lbs before I go on vacation"

"I want to put on 30 lbs of ONLY MUSCLE."

"I'd like to look like her, but with a bigger butt"

This type of mind-set is unrealistic, and these types of goals are purely superficial.

Wanting to look a certain way will never bring you fulfillment, because in the end, the picture your have in your mind is always different than it presents itself.

When I know a student is truly ready to make a lifestyle change
I hear things like...

 "I want to feel strong from the inside out."

"I'd like to feel good in my own skin"

"I want to have energy to take care of my kids and be active"

These are the individuals I consciously choose to help, and I know they're ready to make a change.

So how can you build relevant goals to stay on track?

Here's 5 steps on Creating Realistic Goals


How much time and energy do you really have to commit to what you want?                          

Is it only going to be a Monday-Friday affair? Or is this a life long journey?
Commitment is long-term and the road can be bumpy along the way.
Think about this when setting your intentions, will you find the strength to stay devoted?



Where do you see yourself in 3 months down the road? Still dedicated? Did things come up and your goals are put on hold?
The real challenge is later down the road, are you going to stop progressing when you reach your objective, or is their something new to always be learning?


What's going to be your motivation every single day to keep progressing?
Do you have a support system that wants you to be your best?
Your motive is KEY to your success, if you aren't loving and enjoying what you do, you can kiss it good-bye.


When choosing a goal are you going to be sacrificing anything?                             Time? Special foods? Restrictions? etc.
If so please think long and hard about this one, sacrifices can leave us depleted and set us up for failure, it's best to work with your weakness and not against them!


Tune into your environment, is it going to be easy to fall back into old habits?
Are you willing to change your environment? Environment is everything when it comes to breaking through old ways of being. Your surroundings have a huge influence on your every day routine, be conscious of the energy your allowing into your environment.

Dreaming up goals and wanting to make a difference in your welling is a beautiful journey.
It brings you into the depth of who you are and where your going.
We're all born with the the same opportunity to evolve. Face your challenges head on and love your self unconditionally.

Now over to you, share your thoughts with us below!

I'd love to hear what keeps you motivated and your tips on creating realistic goals.

Till next time-