5 things I learned about life, by starting my own business.

Over the past year, life has taken me on an relentless journey towards my purpose. Over and over again I've been on a ride of powerful waves, constantly hitting bottom only to take me higher.

I found out that balancing all aspects of my life, takes everything I got.








& Freedom.

Everyday is a chance to do better in my eyes, I have the type of mentality that will not stop until I'm satisfied.

And that's a F*cking big pair of shoes to fill. But it drives me into pursuing nothing less then my own concept of my best. 

So that's why today, I want to share 5 things I've learned about life, by starting my own business.



Now - honestly, I think we ALL can take control of our lives. We were born with that skill set. But c'mon how many people want to take on that responsibility? In our day in age it's become way too common to stay in our comfort zones, which makes us hesitate on spreading our own wings out in the world - we're afraid of falling. Let me tell you something - your gonna hit bottom. Probably more than once too, but your going to learn what works and what doesn't. It's about evolving in this life-time, you gotta take a risk for who you want to be. Simple.



From taking responsibility of raising my meat in the back of my yard - whether your a chicken, a cow, a rabbit or a human, we're only here for a small amount of time. We have a purpose, we hold energy - we can't give away our life-force at a job that makes us unhappy. I'm stubborn, I know this. But I think it's healthy to stand against working at a job 40 hours a week that makes you miserable. Get in touch with your purpose, ask yourself, where am I going with this 'job'? if the answer is only to make money - kiss it goodbye and find what makes your soul light-up.



I think the most of us want a family in the future. I hold a sacred dream in my mind of having a family with a handful of kiddos running around our land. With this being said, it's important as hell to take care of our health. I encourage you to care now. Not 10 years down the road. Eating out every night and getting plastered just because everyone else thinks it's what you do to 'be social' is bullsh*t. Take care of your body, your mind, and give a shit about where your health is going to be 10 years from now. Create healthy habits now, so that you have a strong foundation for building a family when the opportunity presents itself.



Money can be looked at in many difference perspectives. To one person, a million dollars is wealth and to the next it's just a bunch of pieces of paper. What I've learned, is money IS just paper. True wealth is in growing our own food, it's in our health and state of mind. Money or like I like to call it (energy) is essential I get it. But money does grow on trees my friends, grow an apple tree and see how much money you save on apples. Get a few chickens and see how much money you save on eggs and meat.  You'll find that you need less and value more with your 'money'.



I'm a rebel. I can't stand when people follow other people or do what others tell them to do. Laws, taxes, grammar, social norms - F*ck it. They're nothing but a box to enclose our self-expression. What we need is morals & values, good hearts and common sense. Stand up for the freedom in your life. Go against the grain for once in your life. What I've learned is freedom isn't just handed to us like we've be told - You have to fight for your freedom, not through war, or dominating the people around you, but by taking a stand for peace. I don't mean the hippie kind of peace either. Bold, honest, courageous peace that stems from each one of our hearts.


All in all, starting my own business has been one of the best things that's ever happened to me. I find peace with waking up everyday and putting my passion and vision out into the world to make a difference. It might be small, but everyday is a step towards my perception of making myself in this life. Fall in love with what you do everyday - and if it's something worth sharing with the world, don't hold back. Make it into a lifestyle.

~ to all those that want to make a difference