3 tips for Mastering your Moon Cycle.


Are you checking in with your cycle each month, & feeling empowered by your moon, rather than a side-line participant?

If not, no worries, today we’re gonna discuss a few simple tips that can help you master your moon cycle!

1. Eat how you want your Yoni to feel.


Our lady parts are so much more sensitive then we’d like to admit.

Soaps, detergents, undergarments, stress and the food we put into our temples directly influences our natural essence. If you find yourself battling with recurring infections, feeling uncomfortable with your daily scent or having to shower more often than needed, your body is telling you something.

More often than most, it all comes back around to what we’re fueling our bodies with. Eating one processed food after another or overindulging in your sweet tooth can create a ripple effect to an unhappy yoni!

Pay close attention to the foods that disrupt your natural homeostasis down there and start feeding her the opposite. For an example, if I know vegan cheese makes my yones a little cranky, maybe it’s time to try something different. Instead of consuming a handful of nutritional yeast or soy protein, maybe I’ll try buffalo or cashew cheese.

Switching up your normal routine and implementing simple whole foods, is a great start to a happy, healthy yoni!

2. Listen to your b*tich week.


Girrrrrl, I already know what you’re thinking…. “there’s no stopping this bitch week”.

And there’s not! (f*ck)

Our pre-moon week is a blessing and a curse all in one. We have two solid weeks (maybe) of stability and then BOOM, it’s like all the muck got kicked up at once and you feel sorry for anyone that looks you directly in the eyes that day… ha!

That brings me to the point of the power and the potential of our “PMS”.

I’m not telling you to light a bunch of candles and binge eat on chocolate because you’re gonna do that anyways buttt, what I am saying is, STOP and listen to why you feel like punching your boyfriend in the face.

Is it because you put up with his sh*t all month long, and you’re just now seeing how lazy & insensitive he can be towards you? or is it because you just need some downtime away from the world in general?

Probably both. Sorry dudes!

Things become way more transparent for us during the shift of our hormones. We literally need less giving to others and more receiving during that time. And let’s be honest, we can’t expect our significant others to give us what we need but we can practice giving ourselves what WE need.

Take a breathe and lean into your bitch fit, embrace it like you would your BFF having a moment. Find the roots and either water it or rip that shit up.

3. Hit the cravings before they hit you.


Speaking from an ol’ retired bulimic perspective, I know the difference between emotional binging & those monthly cravings that hit us like a train.

We want to sleep, eat and hibernate as we wait for our moon to arrive. It’s the perfect excuse to stop exercising, eat that extra muffin or cancel plans that we shouldn’t have made in the first place.

But if we start paying close attention to the habitual nature of our physiology, we can acknowledge the simplicity that, “hey, I’m gonna wanna eat everything this week…. so i’m going to set myself up for success!” (as lame as it sounds, it works like magic.)

Try having pizza before you want to stuff a whole one down your throat, or just give a little more attention to your daily eating routine. More than likely those cravings are coming from not getting enough nutrients throughout the month. So give your body what it needs before it asks for it!

There you go, 3 little gems to start mastering your moon; because you deserve to have a whole month of peace, not just a couple of days here and there.

Ladies, if you feel like all of this was nothing new to you, comment down below and share what makes your month flow with ease. We want the spicy deeeets.

Also, if you found all this info creating more anxiety for you, let’s chat sistah…. we got a lot of work to do!