Spring Equinox & Sacred Sexuality

Spring has finally hit here in the Pacific Northwest. The trees are starting to come alive again, blooming with color and delightful aromas.

The days are becoming longer, the nights are a bit warmer, and finding a head start on all my projects is exciting yet, overwhelming.

This morning I woke completely forgetting about this sacred day.
Even though I've been waiting anxiously for months of this day coming.

Instead, I woke a bit cranky and preoccupied with my usual morning routine.

It didn't hit me until I was standing in the kitchen making breakfast for Kudi.
Suddenly my whole perspective changed in a instant, I was no longer grouchy
and irritable.

Today is what I like to call the Triple Helix...

Spring Equinox
Solar Eclipse
Pisces New Moon

On sacred days like these, I feel like a kid on Christmas.

I get so stoked that these alignments are happening...
I always know big changes, and new challenges are just around the corner.

But your probably wondering where does Sacred Sexuality come in on this?

Well this morning before heading to my group fit class,
I drew a tarot card for guidance on focusing my energy on this potent day.

Sacred Sexuality was my first card.

I pondered on the reading and didn't think much of it at all.

Until driving home from my class,
I was looking outside my window and drove by new born lambs.

They were fresh from the womb.

Then when I returned home, I checked my chickens nesting box for eggs
and there was one of my hens with three eggs tucked up next to her.

I was blessed to realize the fertile impact of this time of the year,
the true sacred sexuality that all life strives to achieve.

As humans I feel we have been so over exposed to sex,
that we have lost the divine, spiritual and sacred connection it holds.

We have the power to create.

The power to connect with another soul in the most pure and godlike way.

That should never be taken for granted and jaded as it has become today.

The more we reconnect to our almighty masculine and feminine force,
the more we can rekindle this dwindling flame.

It all starts with you my friend, your thoughts, your actions
and your self respect.

As more and more of us realize the true life-force each of us holds,
as a collective consciousness we can revive the true sacred power of creation.

So on this triple helix day, I invite you to reflect on the infinite fertility at this time of the year.

Ask yourself,
What new seeds am I planting?
Will they bloom into the only best intentions for myself and others?

To the sensual, sacred spirit that rests within us all,

xo Kendra