Nourish Your Physique

This past week one of my closest girlfriends came to me asking if I knew of any local, handcrafted body-care companies; I replied YES I do...It's YOU! 

Over the past year I have taken a huge re-wild step in my life by crafting my own body care products.

But why, you ask?

Have you ever came to conclusion of how much your spending on toothpaste, deodorant, lotions, soap and any other toilet trees you use daily?

It adds up!

But most of all why I have chosen to take control of my body care nourishment, is that the products I was absorbing on a day-to-day basis were truly garbage.

I mean really... by-products of oil and other mambo jumbo in my toothpaste?

Too much for me to swallow!

That's why today I want to share a few of my favorite body nourishing recipes with you, to help your body keep clean of heavy toxins and just feel GOOD.

Check out these lovely recipes down below to start crafting your own homemade body care products :)


Coco Lavender Stink Pit!

1-Old Deodorant Bottle, Cleaned and Ready to re-use.

1-Glass Jar

1-Small Stove Top Pot

2-TBSP. Coconut Oil

3-TBSP. Coco Butter/or Shea Butter

2-TBSP. Arrow Root Powder

3-TBSP. Baking Soda

15 Drops (or more/less) of Lavender Essential Oil-

You can use any oils that you like as well! I just like the lavender and coco butter combo :)


  1. Take a small pot and fill it will a decent amount of water (a little less than half full)
  2. Warm up the water to about medium heat.
  3. Grab your jar, put the jar in the pot standing upright in the water- (you might need to adjust the water to less if the jar is tipping over)
  4. Once the jar is steady and standing upright- not floating, add the coco butter, and coconut oil- stir until melted and smooth.
  5. Add the arrow root and baking soda stir in till smooth
  6. Finally, add your essential oils.
  7. Remove from heat once all ingredients are smooth and melted.
  8. Next get your deodorant bottle, make sure the knob is cranked all the way down to the bottom so you can refill.
  9. Let the ingredients cool until starting to slightly thicken. (Maybe 5 minutes or so)
  10. Then pour your mixture into your deodorant bottle. You might have a little left over. Use or store the extra in a container.
  11. Last move your deodorant bottle into the freezer, let it harden for 20 minutes, maybe a little more or less.
  12. Keep in room temp or in fridge depending on the thickness you like to apply!


Shea Butter Body Love Lotion

1-Glass Jar

1-Small Stove Top Pot

1-Container of Raw Unrefined Shea Butter- about 5.oz

1/3 Cup- of Grape seed Oil

4-6 Drops- of Sea Buck Thorn Oil

15-20 Drops-Lavender Essential Oil or whatever oils you choose, eucalyptus smells great with this combo and also peppermint.

But be creative!! 

Now you can skip the sea buckthorn oil, I add it because its great for the skin-but it can be a bit pricey at the store. You can also use coconut oil instead of grape-seed Oil if your on a budget! Again I use grape seed oil because its a wonderful oil for the skin. Your choice!



Same directions as above with the glass jar & pot of water (coco stink pit deodorant)

Mix and melt the Shea butter with all the oils until smooth.

You can then move the lotion to a different jar or just keep it in the same mason jar for your usage.

Let it harden a bit in the fridge or room temp, then bam! you got yourself a lovely lotion!


Simply Toothpaste

1-Glass storing container

3-5 TBSP- of Coconut Oil

2-TBSP.- Baking Soda

1-TSP.- Sea Salt

Peppermint Essential oil (use as much as you'd like)

(option of adding a drop or 2 of Tee Tree Oil or Clove oil, giving it a extra antibacterial and gum health boost)


Mix all ingredients together, don't worry about melting unless you want a really smooth mix (completely up to you)

Store in room temp in a small container for everyday use!

Now get out there and start crafting :)

-to a sexy, nourished physique

xo Kendra