Kendra Solow was born and raised in Southwest Florida where she first started her fitness journey. In 2012 she graduated from Heritage Institute with her associate's degree in exercise science and certified as a personal trainer. Later that year she moved across the country to live in Boulder, Colorado where she worked at Colorado University as a sports conditioning specialist for the men's lacrosse & rugby team.

While living out west, she fell deeply in love with the art of holistic living in which inspired her for the next adventure ahead. In 2014 she once again packed her bags and headed to the Pacific Northwest, landing in Scotts Mills, Oregon where Mind Body Physique was born. 

Kendra worked and lived very close to nature in an off-grid Yurt, pursuing the self-sustainable lifestyle she always dreamed. With this unique blend of holistic living and functional fitness, she coached others how to live in balance with their mind, body, and spirit through MBP.

In 2016 Miss Solow found her self back in her hometown of Naples, Florida. She's currently part of the thriving fitness team at, Grey Oaks Country Club inspiring others how to move their bodies through Holistic Personal Training.

In 2018 Kendra was honored to be selected to undergo a 40-week mentoring program with Grays Institute, where she is now a Fellow of Applied Functional Science (GIFT).

This past year has also opened the doors to pursuing her passion for cannabis on a larger scale. Teamed up with Rooted Apothecary, and The CBD Training Academy, Kendra is helping others discover their personal healing as she did through movement and cannabis while fighting anxiety, depression and, bulimia.

Look out for her on the west coast this summer where she’ll be relocating to San Diego, California to continue her holistic health journey!